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Competition announced by ANAS and Monpelye University has been extended Jul 22, 2019 | 11:39

Within the framework of the cooperation agreement signed between the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan and Monpelye University of France, the competition for the theme "Water confinement in single-wall carbon nanotubes: phase states and molecular dynamics" was extended to July 29, 2019.

Selected candidates will also be registered as both the ANAS and the Monpelye University doctorate, and will be provided with scientific guidance from both organizations. Under the terms of the program, PhD students will be awarded PhD degrees by both Azerbaijan and France after completing two years of study at Monpelye University and one year at ANAS.

Applications are received by the International Relations Department of the Presidium of ANAS. For more information about the documents to be submitted and application forms, please contact the International Relations Department.

Contact: (+994 12) 492 34 46;

Email: esmira.alirzayeva@science.az