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Women's Council held a meeting on "Responsibility and morality of women" + Photo Jan 30, 2019 | 15:38 / Conferences, assemblies

Opening the meeting chair of the Women's Council, Ph.D. Fazila Gasimova said that a person whose inner world is pure is considered a moral person. A person protecting her morality, first of all, should value herself. She must protect her family’s reputation, be patriotic, and set a goal for her future. She should be useful to the community without dependence on her profession and provide her future.

Then the head specialist of the Education department Ganfila Bayramova said that responsible, intelligent woman is a woman who is morally rich, and that woman is always beneficial to the community. A woman will be a mother in the future. She should be a sample to her child. In her speech, she advised all women to be very patient and protect family values.

Deputy chairman of the Women’s Council Ph.D. Seadet Khudaverdiyeva noted that women have different responsibilities compared to men in society and family. Men are responsible for career success and women are responsible for the success of relationships in life - parent-children, wife-husband and so on.

Junior researcher Nargiz Bayramova spoke about the role of women in science, in social and political life.

National leader Haydar Aliyev said that Azerbaijani woman had always been ahead with her intellect, respect, morality, patriotism, loyalty, courage, determination and so on.