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Russian scientists have learned how to charge phone with the warmth of human body Jul 26, 2019 | 16:23 / Interesting information

Use to charge your phone the heat of the human body offered by the specialists of the Scientific-research technological University MISIS. Together with their Western colleagues, they have developed the world’s first polymer that can effectively accumulate the natural heat and transfer it in the form of electricity telephone or other mobile gadget.

Experts worked together with colleagues from the University of Lulea (Sweden) and University of Jena Friedrich Schiller (Germany). In the end there was a thermoelectric material with orderly arranged nanotubes. The researchers used one of the most promising polymers – polyethylenoxide (PEDOT). It has high electrical conductivity, which can be further strengthened due to chemical impurities. Due to polymeric nature, it is flexible, and the addition of nanotubes is several times increases its conductivity. These materials work at room temperature, non-toxic.

In the future, the material can be used for charging mobile devices without additional power source. It will be enough to create a thermoelectric material of the bracelet for the watch or phone case, and gadgets are just not discharged, because it will constantly feed off the warmth of the human body.