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Induced changes in metabolic constituents of grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) leaves infected with grapevine leafroll-associated virus-3

Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology ISSN: 0885-5765

IF- 1.678

Sultanova N.F. Bayramova N.K.

Aliyeva D.R. Rasgou M. Huseynova İ.M.


Study of remobilization of winter bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) under rainfed conditions 

Applied Ecology and Environmental Research

ISSN 1785 0037

IF- 0.689

Jahangirov A.A. AllahverdiyevT.İ.

Talai J.M. Huseynova I.M. 


Impact of UV-B radiation on the photosystem II activity, pro-/antioxidant balance and expression of light-activated genes in Arabidopsis thaliana hy4 mutants grown under light of different spectral composition

Journal of Photochemistry & Photobiology, B: Biology ISSN: 1011-1344

IF- 4.067

Khudyakova A.Y.

Kreslavski V.D. Shmarev A.N. Lyubimov V.Y. Shirshikova G.N. Pashkovskiy P.P. Kuznetsov V.V. Allakhverdiev S.I.


Analysis and validation of macromolecular B values.

Acta Cryst. D


IF- 3.227

Masmaliyeva R.C.  Murshudov G.N.


Search for new strains of microalgae-producers of lipids from natural sources for biodiesel production

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

ISSN: 0360-3199

IF- 4.939

Sadvakasova A.K. Akmukhanova N.R.

Bolatkhan K. Zayadan B.K. Usserbayeva A.A.

Bauenova M.O. Akhmetkaliyeva A.E. Allakhverdiev S.I.


Photosynthesis supported by a chlorophyll f-dependent, entropydriven uphill energy transfer in Halomicronema hongdechloris cells adapted to far-red light.

Photosynthesis Research

ISSN : 0166-8595

IF- 3.057

Schmitt F.J. Campbell Z.Y. Bui M.V.

Huls A.

Tomo T.

Chen M. Maksimov E.G. Allakhverdiev S.I. Friedrich T.


A manganese(II) phthalocyanine under water-oxidation reaction: new findings

Dalton Transactions

ISSN 1477-9234 

IF- 4.174

Mousazade Y. Najafpour M.M. Bagheri R. Jaglicic Z.

Singh J.P.

Chae K.H.

Song Z.

Rodionova M.V. Voloshin R.A. Shen J.R. Ramakrishna S. Allakhverdiev S.I.


Co-occurence of mild salinity and drought synergistically enhances biomass and grain retardation in wheat

Frontiers in Plant Science

ISSN: 1664-462X

IF- 4.402

Paul K.

Pauk J.

Kondic-Spika A. Grausgruber H. 

Allahverdiyev T. 

Sass L.

Vass I. 


Review: Biofuel production from plant and algal biomass.

International Scientific Journal for Alternative Energy and Ecology (ISJAE)

ISSN 1608-8298

IF- 0.577

Voloshin R.A. Rodionova M.V.

Zharmukhamedov S.K.

Veziroglu T.N. Allakhverdiev S.I.


Chlorophyll Degradation and Light-harvesting Complex II Aggregate Formation During Dark-induced Leaf Senescence in Arabidopsis Pheophytinase Mutants.

Journal of Plant Biology

 ISSN 1226-9239



Yang Y.N. Safarova R.B. Park S.Y. Sakuraba Y.

Oh M.H. Zulfugarov I.S. Lee C.B.

Tanaka A.,

Paek N.-C.

Lee C.H.


Phenotyping of isogenic chlorophyll-less bread and durum wheat mutant lines in relation to photoprotection and photosynthetic capacity

Photosynthesis Research

ISSN 0166-8595


Zivcak M., Brestic M., Botyanszka L., Chen Y.E., Allakhverdiev S.I.


Effect of oxygen on the non-photochemical quenching of vascular plants and potential oxygen deficiency in the stroma of PsbS-knock-out rice

Plant Science

ISSN 0168-9452

IF -3.785

Zulfugarov I.S. Wu G.

Tovuu A.

Lee C.H.


Unsupervised classification of PSII with and without water-oxidizing complex samples by PARAFAC resolution of excitation-emission fluorescence images.

Journal of Photochemistry & Photobiology, B: Biology ISSN: 1011-1344

IF- 4.067

Akbarian S. Kompany-Zareh M.

Najafpour M.M. Tomo T.

Allakhverdiev S.I.


International Conference on “Photosynthesis and Hydrogen Energy Research for Sustainability-2017”

Photosynthesis Research

ISSN 0166-8595


Allakhverdiev S.I. Subramanyam R. Tomo T.


A tetranuclear nickel(II) complex for water oxidation: Meeting new challenges.

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

ISSN: 0360-3199

IF- 4.939

Azadi G.

Zand Z. Mousazade Y. Bagheri R.

Cui J.

Song Z.

Bikas R.

Wozniak K. Allakhverdiev S.I. Najafpour M.M.


Hydrogen production from phototrophic microorganisms: Reality and perspectives

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

ISSN: 0360-3199

IF- 4.939

Bolatkhan K. Kossalbayev B.D.

Zayadan B.K. Tomo T. Veziroglu T.N. Allakhverdiev S.I.


Cobalt/Cobalt Oxide Surface for Water Oxidation

ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering

ISSN: 2049-3630

IF- 7.632

Feizi H.

Bagheri R.

Song Z.

Shen J.R. Allakhverdiev S.I.

Najafpour M.M.


Impact of Blue and Red Light on Wheat Leaves

Advances in Applied Physiology

ISSN: 2471-9692 (Print);

ISSN: 2471-9714 (Online)

IF- 2.95

Aziziov I. Gasymova F. Ibragimova U. Tagiyeva K. Abdullayeva A.


Effect of Drought on Morphological and Physiological Characteristics of Hybrids and Parental Forms of Wheat

Journal of Chemical, Biological and Physical Sciences

IF 1.457

Azizov I.V. Tagiyeva K.R. Khanishova M.A. Gasimova F.I.


Honoring eight senior distinguished plant biologists from India.

Photosynthesis Research

ISSN 0166-8595


Subramanyam R. Allakhverdiev S.I. Govindjee


The effect of NaCl on some physiological and biochemical parameters in Triticum aestivum L. genotypes.

Plant Physiology Reports

ISSN 2662-2548 (Online);

ISSN 2662-253X (Print)


İbrahimova U.F.  Mammadov A.Ch. 

Feyziyev Y.M.


Identification of Stress Responsive Genes by Using Molecular Markers to Develop Tolerance in wheat. Chapter in book: Wheat Production in Changing Environments, Responses, Adaptation and Tolerance

Springer. Mirza Hasanuzzaman, Kamrun Nahar, Md.Amzad Hossain Editors.

(Invited chapter)


Rustamova S.M. Suleymanova Z.J.

Isgandarova T.Y. Zulfuqarova S.T. Mammadov A.Ch.

Huseynova İ.M.


Photosynthesis, productivity and environmental stress

Springer. Mirza Hasanuzzaman, Kamrun Nahar, Md.Amzad Hossain Editors.

(Invited chapter)


Gurbanova U.A. Allahverdiyev T.I.

Babayev H.G. Bayramov S.M. Huseynova I.M.