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A conference on the biodiversity, land and water resources of Garabagh: past, present and future will be held Apr 27, 2021 | 09:51

The Division of Biological and Medical Sciences of ANAS will hold an online conference "Biodiversity, land, and water resources of Garabagh: past, present, and future" dedicated to March 27 - The Science Day, on April 20-21, 2021 

The conference will focus on the following areas:

- Flora and fauna diversity of Garabagh: pre-occupation and current situation;

- Medicinal plants of Garabagh;

- Forest and pasture ecosystems of liberated territories;

- Red lists, introduction and reintroduction issues of Garabagh;

- Protected areas of the Garabagh zone, current situation and prospects;

- Microbiological diversity of Garabagh;

- Ecosystems of Garabagh under the influence of anthropogenic factors and climatic changes;

- Issues of restoration, protection, and efficient use of the biodiversity of Garabagh;

- Biotechnological approaches to the restoration and use of the biodiversity of Garabagh;

- Land resources, restoration and improvement problems of Garabagh;

- Water resources of Garabagh, their research, restoration and efficient use;

- Restoration and development of agriculture in the liberated territories;

- Genetic resources and food security of the Garabagh zone;

- Development of aquadiversity and aquaculture in the liberated territories;

- Gerontological study of the population of Garabagh;

- Biosafety issues in the liberated territories;

- Ecotourism and biodiversity;

- Green economy.

Those wishing to make a speech at the conference should send their theses to garabagh.conf.biodiv@gmail.com by April 10

It is required to write the words "Garabagh-conference" in the subject line of the letter. Abstracts should be in Word A4 format, Arial 12 pt font (fields: 2 cm on each side), 1 line spacing, 1 page.

The title of the article in a BOLD (black) font in capital letters, the names, and surnames of the authors of the article in the middle font in the next line, the affiliation of each author, the e-mail address of the corresponding author. After a line is omitted, the main text of the paragraph begins in plain font.

Conference materials will be published in electronic form.

Tel.: (+994 50) 463 63 27, (+994 50) 338 15 71