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“The coronavirus pandemic: from researches to ensuring a healthy future” online conference to be held Jul 23, 2020 | 13:42

With the joint organizational support of the Division of Biological and Medical Sciences of ANAS and Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, an online conference will be held on topic: “The coronavirus pandemic: from researches to ensuring a healthy future”.

The conference will discuss the following issues:

- Use of modern scientific knowledge and innovative technologies in the prevention of new pandemics and epidemics, international cooperation and the calls of the national biosafety system;

- Evolution and epidemiology, future risks;

- Viral diversity, the world of coronaviruses, dynamics of their evolution;

- The emergence of new coronaviruses, population genomic studies aimed at developing immunity against them;

- Diagnosis and treatment of coronavirus COVİD-19;

- Use in the fight against vaccination viruses, antiviral drugs, herbal compounds;

- Forecasting epidemic outbreaks, mathematical models;

- Pandemics and bioethical issues;

- Prospects for the future development of microbiology, virology and molecular biotechnology.

Those who wish to speak at the seminar can send their abstracts by May 11, 2020 to the email address: afig.mammadov@gmail.com. In the “Topic” section, it is obligatory to indicate: “COVİD-19 - Conference”.

The abstract should not exceed 1 page, format - Word A4, font - Arial 12 pt (margins: 2 cm on each side), line spacing - 1.15.