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Head of the department:

Ph.D. in biology, associate professor Samira Mahammadrahim Rustamova  

Main activity directions:

 Implementation of the curriculum for the preparation of highly
qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical cadres through
the master and Ph.D. programs;
Registration of master and PhD students, acceptance of
documents, preparation of their personal files, making
respective changes, including rewards and disciplinary actions;
To organize entrance examinations and doctoral exams for
doctoral students; preparation of test questions and ensuring the
establishment of a test bank;
To organize training in the master's course with the credit
system stipulated in the curriculum, to ensure the conduct of
exam sessions, research and scientific-pedagogical practices of
masters; to organize the process of preparing and defending
master dissertations;
Preparation of necessary documents for the attestation of
master and PhD students and organization of attestation;
Coordination of the scientific activity of the master and PhD
students with the Department of Science and Education of
ANAS, preparation and submission of the necessary documents
in a timely manner;
To ensure the relations of the Institute with various higher
education institutions
Ensuring conditions for improving effectiveness of the
education and scientific research;
Fulfillment of other duties assigned by the director in
accordance with the legislation.


senior specialist Ganfila Jabrayil Bayramova

senior specialist Shafag Mobil Suleymanzadə

senior specialist Naima Namaz Niyazova

specialist Gulzar Rahman Atayeva