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                                                    Ibrahim Vahab Azizov                                                         


Place of birth

Azerbaijan, Zaqatala region, Karkai village

Date of birth



Azerbaijan State University

Scientific degree

Doctor of biological sciences



Speciality code and title for PhD thesis


Plant physiology

“Activity of photochemical reactions in chloroplasts of various wheat varieties in connection with growing conditions”

Speciality code and title for doctoral thesis


Plant physiology

“Photosynthetic capacity of chloroplasts in ontogenesis of wheat of various productivity”

Date of Election as a correspondent member and speciality


Plant physiology, biochemistry and biophysics

Total number of printed scientific publications


Number of scientific publications printed abroad


Number of papers published in journals indexed and abstracted in international databases


Number of patents and certificates of authorship


Staff training:

-          number of PhD

-          number of Doctor of sciences



Basic scientific achievements

Wheat varieties with high photosynthetic activity, resistance and productivity were identified; The first-generation hybrids were obtained by crossing more resistant varieties.

Names of scientific works

  1. Ibrahim Azizov, Hasan Bigonah Hamlabad, Hamlet Sadiqov, Zeynal Akparov, Mostafa Valizadeh, Hossein Shahbazi (2011) Investigation of Antioxidant System Activity in Durum Wheat under Drought Tolerance. Advances in Environmental Biology, 5(8): 2071-2076.
  2. Azizov I.V., Tagiyeva K.R., Khanishova M.A., Gasimova F.I. (2019) Effect of Drought on Morphological and Physiological Characteristics of Hybrids and Parental Forms of Wheat. Journal of Chemical, Biological and Physical Sciences, Vol. 9, No. 3; P.356-360.
  3. Gahramanova Sh.I., Khudaverdiyev R.A., Azizov I.V., Gahramanov T.O. (2019) Influence of newly synthesized copper complexes with amino acids on (histidin) wheat sproute indicators. Материалы IV Всероссийского (с международным участием) научного симпозиумa «Aктуальные проблемы теории и практики гетерогенных катализаторов и адсорбентов». Иваново-Суздаль. С.15-17.
  4. Azizov I., Gasymova F., Ibragimova U., Tagiyeva K., Abdullayeva A. (2019) Influence of blue and red light on physiological and biochemical characteristics of wheat plants. Влияние синего и красного света на физиологические и биохимические характеристики растений пшеницы. Sciences of europe # 41, С.3-6.
  5. Gasimova F.I., Khanishova M.A. Taghiyeva K.R., Azizov I.V. (2019) The effect of nanoparticles of biogenic metal oxides on seed germination capability, Photosynthetic pigment content, activities of PS II and superoxide dismutase in wheat seedlings. // Факторы экспериментальной эволюции организмов. Т.24. С.59-62.
  6. Shamilov E.N., Abdullayev A.S., Shamilli V.E., Azizov I.V. (2019) Antiradiation properties of extracts from Hypericum perforatum L. // Факторы экспериментальной эволюции организмов. Т.24. С. 313-316.
  7. Azizov I.V., Tagiyeva K.R., Khanishova M.A., Gasimova F.I. (2019) The characteristics of first generation hibrids of wheat in the conditions of drought // International Journal of development research. V.09. Issue 08. PP.29216- 29218.
  8. Azizov I.V., Taqiyeva K.R., Kanishova M.A., Gasimova F.I. (2019) The physiological and biochemical chararacteristic of first generation hibrids of wheat in the conditions of drought. In:. “Wheat in European  Countries and Georgia as one of the origin wheat”. Conference proceedings. Tbilisi, Georgiya. PP.118-121.
  9. Morgun V.V., Yakymchuk R. A., Azizov I.V. (2019) Peculiarities of the mechanisms of spontaneous, and induced by ionizing radiation and chemical factors mutagenesis // Физиология растений и генетика. Т.51. №6. С. 463-481.
  10. Azizov Ibrahim Vahab, Gasymova Fazile Imtu, Ibrahimova Ulker Faik, Tagiyeva Kenul Rafik, Abdullayeva Asmar Bahruz. (2020) Impact of Blue and Red Light on Wheat Leaves //Advances in Applied Physiology.  5(1): P.6-8.
  11. Hasanova Kenul Zaur, Azizov Ibrahim Vahab (2020) The Effect of Spectral Composition of Light on Physiological and Biochemical Characteristics of Tomatoes // Advances in Applied Physiology, 5(1): P.9-11.
  12. Azizov I.V., Hasanova K.Z. (2020) The effect of blue and red light on tomato leaves // International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research V.11.Issu 5. P.888-892

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations

Member of the Society of Geneticists and Breeders of Ukraine and the editorial board of the journal

Pedagogical activity

Teaching master courses at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnologies of ANAS and Baku State University

Other activities

Chairman of the Council of Veterans of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnologies of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan

Awards and prizes

In 2005, was awarded the order "SHOHRAT"

Place of work and its address

Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnologies of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, AZ 1073, Izzat Nabiyev str.11


Head of laboratory “Photochemistry of chloroplasts”

Office phone



(+994 50) 685 50 93


(+994 12) 450 33 03


(+994 12) 510 24 33 



imbb.science. az@gmail.com