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                                                  Shahniyar Mikayil Bayramov                                            


Place of birth

Tovuz region, Garalar vilage

Date of birth



Kirovabad State Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Biology

Scientific degree

Doctor of sciences


Assosiated professor

Speciality code and title for PhD thesis



“Molecular-functional organization of carbonic anydrase from Cicerarietinum leaves”.

Speciality code and title for doctoral thesis





“Regulation of some enzymes of primary carbon assimilation by abiotic stress factors in C3 and CAM plants”

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Staff training:

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Basic scientific achievements


Names of scientific works

Байрамов Ш.М., Гулиев Н.М., Алиев Д.А. Функциональная организация карбоангидразы высших растений // Физиология Растений, 1992, Том 38, с. 815-824.


Гулиев Н.М., Бабаев Г.Г., Байрамов Ш.М., Алиев Д.А. Очистка, свойства и локализация двух форм карбоангидразы листьев Amaranthus cruentus L. // Физиология растений, 2003, Том 50, № 2, с. 238-245.


Bayramov Sh.M., Guliyev N.M., Abdullayeva A.B., Aliev J.A Induction of C4-photosynthesis enzymes in C3 plants // Proceeding 13th International Congress of Photosynthesis; Fundamental Aspects to Global Perspectives, (A.von der Est and D.Bruce eds), 2004,Vol 2, pp. 616-618.


Guliev N., Bayramov Sh., Babayev H. Effect of water deficit on Rubisco and carbonic anhydrase activities in different wheat genotypes // In: Allen JF, Grantt E, Golbeck JH, Osmond R , editors. Photosynthesis, Energy from the Sun. 14th International Congress on Photosynthesis. Glasgow: Springer; 2008. pp. 1465-1468.


Bayramov S.M., Babayev H.G., Khaligzade M.N., Guliyev N.M., Raines C.A. Effect of water stress on protein content of some Calvin cycle enzymes in different wheat genotypes // Proc. ANAS (Biological Sciences) 2010,v. 65,(5&6), pp.106-111.


Raines C., Bayramov Sh.Calvin cycle responses to drought // Poster presentation SEB Annual Main Meeting 2010, 30th June - 3rd July 2010 Prague, Czech Republic.


Bayramov Sh.M., Orujova T.Y., Babayev H.G., Guliyev N.M. Some physico-chemical properties of carbonic anhydrase in Mesembryanthemum crystallinum leaves // Photosynthesis Research for Food, Fuel and Future. Articles of 15th International Congress of Photosynthesis, Beijing China, Springer, 2013, pp. 324-327.


Bayramov Sh., Guliyev N.Changes in Rubisco activase gene expression and polypeptide content in Brachypodium distachyon // Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Volume 81, 2014, pp. 61-66.


Jedmowski C., Bayramov Sh., Brüggemann W. Comparative analysis of drought stress effects on photosynthesis of Eurasian and North African genotypes of wild barley // Photosynthetica 2014, V. 52, Issue 4, pp. 564-573.


Bayramov Ş.M. Rubisko aktivaza: Strukturu, ekspressiyası və tənzimləyici rolu // (İcmal məqalə) АМЕА-nın Xəbərləri (biologiya və tibb elmləri), 2014, cild 69, No2, səh. 115-122.


Bayramov Ş. M. Stress şəraitində müxtəlif buğda genotiplərində fosfoenolpirüvat karboksilaza, Rubisko aktivaza və Rubisko zülal miqdarlarının dəyişməsi // АМЕА-nın Xəbərləri (biologiya və tibb elmləri), 2015,cild 70, №1, səh. 87-93.


Bayramov Sh. Changes in protein quantities of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase and Rubiscoactivase in various wheat genotypes. Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences (2017) 24, 1529–1533.


Bayramov Ş.M. Qeyri-fotosintetik fosfoenolpiruvat karboksilaza fermentinin rolu və tənzimlənmə mexanizmiləri // АМЕА-nın Xəbərləri (biologiya və tibb elmləri), 2015, cild 70, №3, səh. 108-110.


Bayramov S. Regulation of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase gene expression and protein content in developing and germinating grains of Brachypodium // The reports of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan 2016, Volume LXXII, №1, pp.71-76.


Varanasi V., Bayramov S., Prasad P. and Jugulam M. Expression profiles of psbA, ALS, EPSPS, and other chloroplastic genes in response to PSII-, ALS-, and EPSPS-inhibitor treatments in Kochia scoparia. // American Journal of Plant Sciences, (2017), v.8, pp. 451-470.


T.Y. Orucova, S.M. Bayramov, U.A. Gurbanova, H.G. Babayev, M.N. Aliyeva and N.M. Guliyev (2018) Diurnal temperature-related variations in photosynthetic enzyme activitiesof two C4 species of Chenopodiaceae grown in natural environment. Photosynthetica 56 (4): 1107-1112.

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations

Member of the Federation of European Societies of Plant Biology

Member of the Federation Azerbaijan Society  of Biochemists and Molecular Biologists

Pedagogical activity

Teaching in the magistracy at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of ANAS since 2015

Other activities


Awards and prizes


Place of work and its address

Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 

I.Nabiyev street 11, Baku AZ 1073, Azerbaijan


Senior researcher

Office phone

(+994 12) 539 11 64


(+994 50) 427 33 77


(+994 12) 43 267 41


(+994 12) 510 24 33