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Happy Novruz Holiday Mar 19, 2021 | 09:21 / Important events

Novruz, the season of awakening of nature, the herald of spring, has been celebrated as a national holiday for many centuries with various folk festivals and ceremonies in every corner of our country. This national holiday, which reflects our national existence and the richness of the spiritual world of our ancestors in all its subtleties, is still loved and held by our people with its beautiful traditions. Novruz holiday has played an exceptional role in the unity of the people, their commitment to national values, and the preservation of traditions. Today, our people, who won a great victory by liberating our occupied lands in the Great Patriotic War, celebrate the arrival of Novruz with endless joy and happiness. The memory of the sons of Azerbaijan, who gave their lives for the freedom of our lands, is once again honored with respect. We are confident that this great victory of Azerbaijan will gladden the souls of our martyrs. Let this Novruz be written in the memory of history as the year that our dreams blossomed and our wishes came true.

Happy Novruz Holiday!