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An online meeting on the pandemic and vaccination was held + Photo Sep 03, 2021 | 16:46 / Conferences, assemblies

On August 3, an online meeting organized by the Labor union and with the participation of the employees of IMBB was held. The meeting was dedicated to obtaining a vaccination certificate in accordance with the decision of the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers and the labor discipline. Chairman of the Labor Union of the Institute, doctor of biological sciences Hasan Babayev spoke about the work done in Azerbaijan to prevent COVID-19 so far. He said that quarantine was declared in our country for the first time on March 19, 2020. Despite the implementation of measures such as compliance with necessary hygiene rules, keeping social distance, staying at home, the disease still continues to spread among the population. Therefore, the most effective way to prevent infection is vaccination. H.Babayev noted that this process has been very successfully done. Then the correspondent member of ANAS Ibrahim Azizov and doctor of biological sciences Yashar Feyziyev noted that the emerging of various variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is even more dangerous, and therefore the vaccination is necessary, and rumors that the vaccine is harmful to the human body have no scientific basis.