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The dissertation presented in the field of "Plant Physiology" by Atabey Jahangirov, a doctoral student of the Azerbaijan Research Institute of Crop Husbandry, was discussed at the scientific seminar + Photo Oct 24, 2022 | 09:57 / Seminars

On October 21, at the scientific seminar of the ED 1.25 dissertation council operating under the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnologies of the RA MSE, the discussion of the dissertation on “Morphophysiological basis of selection of winter soft wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in the conditions of the heather of the mountainous Shirvan” submitted by Atabey Jahangirov, in order to receive a Doctor of Science degree in biology on 2411.02-"Plant Physiology", was held. The supervisor is the vice president of ANAS academician Irada Huseynova. After the applicant commented on the main provisions of his dissertation, extensive discussions were held on the topic. The members of the council expressed their proposals to the applicant and noted that the work is modern, relevant, scientifically and practically important. Based on the results of the voting, the scientific seminar made a decision to release the dissertation of Atabey Jahangirov to the main defense.