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Head of the Population Genomics Laboratory, Associate Professor Nurmammad Mustafayev, Ph.D., was on a scientific visit to the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology + Photo Sep 28, 2023 | 14:54 / Scientific mission

From 18.09.2023 to 21.09.2023, Head of Population Genomics Laboratory of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnologies of MSE RA, Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Nurmammad Mustafayev was on a scientific visit to the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany. Academician Irada M. Huseynova, director general of the institute, initiated the visit. During the visit, N. Mustafayev met Paabo Svante, Nobel laureate in the field of "Physiology and Medicine" for his research in the field of ancient DNA, as well as for his discoveries related to the genomes of extinct hominins and human evolution in 2022. During the meeting, along with souvenir gifts representing Azerbaijan, academician I. Huseynova's letter addressed to Paabo Svante was presented to the well-known scientist. In addition to the issue of official scientific cooperation between the two institutes, the letter also stated that an outstanding scientist was invited to our republic at an appropriate time. It should be noted that Zarintaj Rustamova, an employee of the aforementioned laboratory, is continuing the internship course on acquiring and analysing ancient DNA at the Max Planck Institute based on P.Svante's consent. Issues of cooperation between institutes were also discussed with the head of the group Dr. Harald Ringbauer. On September 20, 2023, N. Mustafayev gave a presentation to a group of researchers. The presentation provided brief information about the history of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnologies and the research conducted at the institute. In addition, emphasizing that Azerbaijan is one of the ancient human settlements, information on different types of ancient human settlements in Azerbaijan, (caves such as Azikh, Gobustan, Gamigaya, Shusha, Taglar, etc., human settlements located in the plains and hills such as I and II Kullutepe, Yonjali, Galatape, Leylatepe, Nargiztepe, Menteshtepe, etc.), anthropological samples obtained from them and to be studied within the framework of the current cooperation project. The meeting is the first step taken in the field of creation and development of molecular anthropology and genome history research in Azerbaijan in the future.