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Discussion of annual reports for 2023 continues in IMBB + Photo Nov 13, 2023 | 12:45 / Important events

At the next meeting of the Institute's Scientific Council held on November 13, the final reports for 2023 of the laboratories of Enzymology of carbon photosynthetic assimilation and Genome structure and expression were heard. The speakers, corresponding member of ANAS Novruz Guluyev, PhDs in biology Alamdar Mammadov, Zarifa Suleymanova and Saadat Khudaverdiyeva gave detailed information to the members of the council about the implementation of the work planned in the annual work plan, the articles published based on the results, scientific trips, participation in events and staff training.  After listening to the reviews of the members of the council about the work done, the reports were accepted as the activities of the laboratories were considered satisfactory.