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“Science and Innovation Forum of Azerbaijani Students" was held + Photo Dec 20, 2023 | 10:58 / Conferences, assemblies

"Science and Innovation Forum of Azerbaijani Students" was organized by the "Science and Innovation" program of the "One Volunteer" Students' Cooperation Public Union, with the support of the Education Development Fund and Azerbaijan Technical University.

80 undergraduate and graduate students in natural sciences of higher educational institutions participated in the forum, which was held with the aim of attracting students to continuous activity in the direction of science and innovation, directing Azerbaijani students to take a leading position in the field of science, and also teaching the basics of scientific research and writing free articles.

The forum began with the playing of the National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan, followed by the commemoration of the dear memory of Great Leader Heydar Aliyev and our heroes who died for the sake of the whole of Azerbaijan with a sense of respect and pride.

Rasul Hashimov, an employee of the Department of Project Management and Business Development of the Education Development Fund, who gave an introductory speech, greeted the students and noted that the activities of students who constantly work on themselves in the field of science are worthy of appreciation, and spoke about the accessibility of many educational opportunities created for students in our country.

The opening ceremony of the forum continued with the speech of Leyla Zeynalova, the chairperson of the "One Volunteer" Student Cooperation Public Union. She said that the forum was organized to bring together future leaders in the field of science, as well as to educate and inspire students.

In the continuation of the event, panel sessions were held with the participation of Leilakhanim Malikova, head of the Molecular Oncology Laboratory of the National Oncology Center, Clinical Psychologist Rovshan Nazarli, a member of the American Psychological Association, the author of the theory of mental algorithms, Fidan Ganbarli, director of the Experimental Psychological Laboratory, Sabina Mehdizadeh, doctor of the National Oncology Center, Nargiz Bayramova, Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnologies of the Ministry of Science and Education, teacher of ADA University, social researcher Ingilab Shahbazov, Jamal Agayev, chief project manager of the Innovation Ecosystem department of IDDA, Zahra Imanova, the founder of the "Zahra in space" platform, Elchin Jafarov, Deputy Head of theDepartment of Quality Assurance and Strategic Planning of ASUCA and Sani Saleh, PhD student at George Washington University.

At the end of the panel sessions on the topics "Journey in the new generation of science", "Art of article writing", "Innovation and future-oriented solutions", the questions of the forum participants were answered and interesting discussions were held.

It should be noted that within the framework of the forum, 9 poster presentations containing a wide range of research and ideas in the field of science and innovation were exhibited and evaluated by the speakers.