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ANAS Institute of Botany honored the memory of corresponding member of ANAS Ivan Karagin Jun 21, 2019 | 13:54 / Conferences, assemblies

ANAS Institute of Botany and the Azerbaijan Botanical Society held a scientific symposium dedicated to the outstanding researcher of Azerbaijan flora, corresponding member of ANAS Ivan Karagin.

Academician-Secretary of the Division of Biological and Medical Sciences of ANAS, academician Ahliman Amiraslanov told about the rich scientific activities of the outstanding scientist and his contribution to the development of botanical science in Azerbaijan. According to him, I.Karagin 43 years devoted to the systematic and floristic study of the flora of Azerbaijan and its vegetation. He provided invaluable services for the creation and enrichment of the Herbarium Foundation.

Then, Director of the Institute of Botany, academician Valida Alizade told about I.Karagin’s meaningful lifestyle, scientific and organizational activities. She noted that, in 1950-1961 under the scientific editorship of an outstanding scientist published the 8-volume fundamental work "Azerbaijan Flora". This work covers a systematic indicator of 437 plant species.

It was noted that, in 1958 I.Karagin was elected as corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR. The scientist was awarded the Order of Lenin for scientific achievements and a number of other medals and orders.

The head of the Department of the institute, PhD in Biology, associate professor Rashad Salimov delivered a paper on “Modern trends of development in the systematics of plants”. According to the speaker, one of the most valuable pages of botanical science in Azerbaijan is associated with the name of the famous scientist I.Karagin.

Later, academician Maharram Babayev and others noted that, the memory of the prominent scientist was always respected by our people with deep respect and reverence.

In conclusion, demonstrated a documentary devoted to the eminent researcher of the flora of Azerbaijan I.Karagin’s life and work. The event also presented “Plants of the Greater Caucasus (Azerbaijan)” book, compiled under the guidance of Academician Valida Alizade.