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Notable orientalist-scientist Aida Imanguliyeva commemorated Oct 09, 2019 | 15:33 / Important events

Members of the ANAS Presidium, representatives of the scientific community have pilgrimaged the grave of Aida Imanguliyeva, notable orientalist-scientist, Dr. Philology and Professor, in the 2nd Alley of Honor, put wreath in front of it and commemorated her on October 9,

It was noted that, Aida Imanguliyeva made a great contribution to the world of Oriental studies. Aida Imanguliyeva's scientific activity opened a new page in the study of modern Arabic literature. The great scientist provided important merits in the training of highly qualified Arabian specialists.

The author of three monographs and more than 70 scientific articles, Aida Imanguliyeva was the editor of many scientific works in the field of oriental philology. She was chairman of the Defense Council, specializing in the Literature of the Peoples of the Countries of Asia and Africa, which operates at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, adequately represented Azerbaijani oriental science in the former Soviet Union.

Aida Imanguliyeva, who was a member of the Presidium of the All-Union Society of Orientalists, the All-Union Coordinating Council for the Study of Oriental Literature, for many years carried out fruitful pedagogical activities, gave lectures on Arabic philology at Azerbaijan State University.

Young generations always turn to the works by Aida Imangulieva,scientific monographs. Today, the scientific monographs by the outstanding oriental scholar are no less relevant. The works by scientist are re-read, researched and studied, translated, re-published.