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An event dedicated to the 9 November National Flag Day was held + Photo Nov 08, 2019 | 16:14 / Events

On November 8, an event dedicated to the 9 November National Flag Day was held at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnologies. Opening the event, Deputy Director on Scientific Affairs of the institute, Ph.D. Alamdar Mammadov emphasized the importance of this day, underlined that our people love their flag and protect it.

Then Vice-president of ANAS, director of IMBB academician Irada Huseynova noted that after gaining independence, the blue-red-green tricolor was adopted by the government of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan on 9 November 1918. On November 17th, 2009, President Ilham Aliyev signed an order to declare November 9th as National Flag Day and a legal holiday.

Ali Bay Huseynzadeh is the author of the formula "Turkism, Islamism, and Modernity", which expresses three colors on the state flag of independent Azerbaijan and forms three basic principles of our national independence ideology of the early 20th century. To honor the flag, the National Flag Square in Baku was officially opened by President Ilham Aliyev on September 1st, 2010. Confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records, the tricolor flies on the tallest flagpole in the world. The flag itself measures 70 meters high by 35 meters wide and weighs 350 kg.

Then correspondent members of ANAS, Ibrahim Azizov, Ilham Shahmuradov, chairman of Trade Union, doctor of biological sciences Hasan Babayev and young employees of the institute spoke about the Flag Day. At the end of the event, a film dedicated to the Flag day was demonstrated.