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Coronavirus mutation may prevent vaccine production Apr 06, 2020 | 12:04 / Interesting information

Frequent mutations of the new coronavirus can adversely affect the development of a vaccine against it. This was in an interview with Radio Liberty by the Czech molecular geneticist and virologist, head of the “Tilia Laboratories”Sonya Pekova.

“Unfortunately, with regard to the vaccine, this is really bad news. It depends on which epitope, that is, which protein of this virus, people who are developing the vaccine have chosen as their target. But due to the way the virus changes its, so to speak, cloak, coat, this protein can change, and the vaccine will cease to be effective. What may happen to the flu now is when the strain that appears this year is slightly different from the strain of last year. It seems that the new coronavirus mutates quite quickly. What is being developed now may turn out to be ineffective after some time,” Pekova said.