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Medical masks should be used as follows – Rules May 01, 2020 | 11:51 / Interesting information

The lack of medical masks used to fight coronavirus in Azerbaijan in the early days, whether they were necessary later, and finally how to use them has long been the subject of discussion.

“Qafqazonfo” reports that Food Safety Agency has prepared general rules for the use of medical masks.

  • According to the instructions, masks should be worn by carefully covering the mouth and nose, minimizing the gaps between the face and the mask. Do not touch the part of the mask that comes in contact with the mouth during use.
  • When removing the mask, do not touch the front of the mask, it should be removed through the strings on the back. After removing the mask, hands should be cleaned with alcohol or washed with soap and water.
  • It is important to change the mask when it is dirty or wet
  • Disposable masks should not be used again
  • An infected person should use masks regularly to prevent respiratory discharge
  • The people who are sensitive to the medical masks should be careful to respiratory hygiene; when coughing and sneezing, the mouth and nose should be wiped with disposable paper towels. After use, the material should be thrown to the special closed waste bins; hands should be cleaned immediately after contact with respiratory secretions.
  • Windows and doors should be opened regularly and the space should be ventilated. It is important to neutralize and remove disposable masks after use.