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AR Law on Amendments to the Laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Science” and “On Vocational Education” May 01, 2020 | 14:08 / Official documents

Being guided by paragraph 1 of part I of article 94 of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic,Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan, decides:

Article 1. In Article 9.1 of the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic “On Science” (Collection of Legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic, 2016, No. 8, Article 1366; 2018, No. 11, Article 2198), replace the words “higher or secondary specialized education (specialized sub-bachelor's degree)” with the words “Higher education, secondary specialized or higher vocational education, who received a vocationally specialized degree of “ sub-bachelor ”.

Article 2. In the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Vocational Education” (Collection of Legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 2018, No. 6, Article 1152; 2019, No. 5, Article 799, No. 6, Article 986, No. 11, Article 1685), add Article 14,6 to following contents:

"14.6. Persons who have received a vocational-specialized sub-bachelor's degree after graduating from a higher vocational education are considered equal to sub-bachelors who have completed secondary specialized education.”

Ilham Aliyev

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Baku city, April 24, 2020.