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Today is the 97th anniversary of the birth of our unforgettable leader, eternal personality Haydar Aliyev May 10, 2020 | 13:54 / Important events

“My dear Azerbaijan, which I love as much as my soul and existence is my qibla. I devoted all my conscious life to its development and prosperity.  I am ready to sacrifice my future life for its bright future”- the architect of modern Azerbaijan, great leader Haydar Aliyev.

H.Aliyev’s services to our people and country are so great that people express their love by calling him a saver, a national leader.  “I have always been proud and today I am proud to be Azerbaijani! ” His these words were the meaning of his whole life, and he always held high the idea of Azerbaijanism. Our national leader played a very important role in the comprehensive development of Azerbaijan and our people during all the periods of his rule. The wise political course set by a genius will remain unchanged today and in the future. Because this policy always brings success, happiness to Azerbaijan. The policy of the great leader lives strengthens and enriches.