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Volume I



The History of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnologies of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

Jalal A. Aliyev (1928–2016) A Great Scientist A Great Teacher And A Great Human Being

Importance Of Photosynthetic Signs For The Breeding

Identıfıcation Of Stem Rust Resistance Genes Sr11, Sr26 And Sr31 In Azerbaijani Wheat Germplasm Using Molecular Techniques

Estımatıng The Rısk Of Extınctıon Of Rare And Threatened Plant Species

Survey Of ‘Bois Noir’ Disease in Azerbaijan 

Assessment Of Wheat Genotypes Using TRAP9 Marker Linked To Cell

Some Anatomical Changes In Grapevine And Tomato Leaf Tissues Infected With GLRa-3 And CMV Viruses

Differential Biochemical Responses To Drought Stress And Recovery Among Two Recovery Contrasting Triticum aestivum L. Genotypes

Essential Oil Features Of Some Species Of Lamiaceae Lindl. Family

Challenges In Computational Identification Of Promoters

Population-Genetic And Comparative Interpopulation Studies Of Azerbaijan Population Based On The 15 Autosomal STR Markers

Refinement And Validation Of Macromolecular Structures

The Study Of C4 Cycle Enzyme Activities And Kinetic Properties In Some Species Of The Chenopadıaceae Family Grown Under Natural Conditions

Effects Of Drought On The Kinetic Properties Of NADP-Malic Enzyme In Wheat Leaves

Responses Of Bread (Triticum aestivum L.) And Durum Wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) Genotypes To Salt Stress During The Grain Germination Phase

Impact Of Intensive Illuminatıon On The Photochemical Efficiency Of Photosystem II In Wheat Leaves Exposed To Heat And Salt Stress

Effect Of Salt Stress On Chlorophyll Content And Photochemical Activity Of Chloroplasts Of Wheat Genotypes

Spectral And Functıonal Characterıstıcs Of Chloroplasts Isolated From Mesophyll And Bundle Sheath Cells Of Maıze

Electricity From The Sunlight And Photosynthetic Apparatus

Salt – Induced Changes In The Composition Of Total Soluble Proteins Of Wheat Seedlings

Effects Of Salt Stress On The Catalase And Ascorbate Peroxidase Activities In Vegetative Organs Of Wheat Genotypes

Effects Of Salt Stress On Growth Parameters Of Wheat Varieties Grown In The Soil Culture

Damage And Repair Of The Genome Universal And Plant-Specific Mechanisms

Soluble Sugars And Proline In Isolated Wheat Culture Under Salt Stress

Morphogenesis In Tissue Culture Of Immature Embryos Of The Different Аgеs In Local Barley Varieties

The Importance Of Plant Biotechnology In The Restoration Of Grape Genefund

Study Of Morpho-Physiological Traits Of Wheat Genotypes Under Soil Water

Study Of Physiological Parameters Оf Maize Under Azerbaijan Conditions