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The international conference on "Biodiversity, land and water resources of Shusha and surrounding areas: a vision of the future" Aug 19, 2022 | 14:42

The international conference on "Biodiversity, land and water resources of Shusha and surrounding areas: a vision of the future" planned to be held in the cities of Shusha and Baku under the organization of the Division of Biological and Medical Sciences of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences will take place on September 22-23, 2022. The deadline for thesis submission is 20.08.2022.


Topics of the conference:


  1. Diversity of flora, fauna, mycobiota, medically important bioresources, issues of their recovery, protection and efficient use
  2. Forest and grassland ecosystems
  3. Red lists, introduction and reintroduction issues
  4. Protected areas, current situation and prospects
  5. Genetic resources and food security
  6. Restoration of water and land resources after natural and anthropogenic disasters, modern approaches to their efficient and safe use
  7. Restoration and development of agriculture in the territories freed from occupation
  8. Development prospects of aquadiversity and aquaculture
  9. Gerontological studies
  10. Biosecurity issues
  11. Ecotourism and biodiversity
  12. Green economy


Theses should be sent to the email address garabagh.conf.biodiv@gmail.com (contact numbers.: 050 4636327 and 050 3381571).

Language of the conference: Azerbaijani and English languages

In the subject of the letter, "SHUSHA-KARABAKH Conference" must be written.

The name of the thesis file should start with the first author's surname and first name in Latin letters, followed by the first words of the title of the thesis, for example, Rasouli_Aliakbar_APPLICATION_OFhttps://imbb.azhttps://imbb.az.


Above the title of the thesis, the number of the section to which it belongs is shown on the right, and then a line is omitted.


Thesis text:

Theses should be in Word A4 format, Arial 12 pt font (spaces: 2 cm on each side), 1.05 line spacing, 1-2 pages in length.

There is no space after paragraphs and the text is justified.

The name of the thesis is written in uppercase letters in BOLD (black) font, after leaving one line. The first and last names of the authors of the thesis are written in regular font in the middle (full name). After leaving one line, from the beginning of the next line, the place of work, country, and e-mail of the corresponding author, address and mobile phone are given.

After a line is omitted, the main text begins with a paragraph (paragraph - 1 cm) in  regular font.

You can see the example here.

Theses that are not submitted on time, do not meet the scientific level requirements, do not comply with the above-mentioned rules, and are not seriously edited will not be accepted.


Conference materials will be published in electronic and printed formats.