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Irada M. Huseynova "Photosynthetic characteristics and enzymatic antioxidant capacity of leaves from wheat cultivars exposed to drought"



Irada M. Huseynova, Samira M. Rustamova, Saftar Y. Suleymanov, Durna R. Aliyeva, Alamdar Ch. Mammadov & Jalal A. Aliyev "Drought-induced changes in photosynthetic apparatus and antioxidant components of wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) varieties"

Jalal A. Aliyev, Irada M. Huseynova "Genotypic Variation for Drought Tolerance in Wheat Plants "

Hasan G. Babayev, Ulduza A. Gurbanova, Ibrahim V. Azizov, Novruz M. Guliyev, Yashar M. Feyziyev"The effect of soil drought on localization and kinetic properties of NAD-malic enzyme isoforms in leaves of wheat genotypes"

I. S. Zulfugarov, A. Pashayeva, Zh. M. Okhlopkova, Choon-Hwan Lee"Practical Guide to Measure Chlorophyll Fluorescence in Plants and Calculate Main Chlorophyll Fluorescence Parameters"

 T.H. Garagezov, М.H. Mamedova, I.M. Huseynova "Agar System (Agaroponics) for Modeling Abiotic and Biotic Effects on a Plant Organism (Manuals)"

Irada M. Huseynova, Durna R. Aliyeva, Alamdar Ch. Mammadov & Jalal A. Aliyev "Hydrogen peroxide generation and antioxidant enzyme activities in the leaves and roots of wheat cultivars subjected to long-term soil drought stress"

Irada M. Huseynova, Samira M. Rustamova, Durna R. Aliyeva, Hasan G. Babayev, Jalal A. Aliyev "Photosynthesis, Antioxidant Protection, and Drought Tolerance in Plants"

I. M. Huseynova, D. R. Aliyeva, J. A. Aliyev "Plant Responses to Stresses: Role of Ascorbate Peroxidase in the Antioxidant Protection "

Irada M. Huseynova, Durna R. Aliyeva, Jalal A. Aliyev "Subcellular localization and responses of superoxide dismutase isoforms in local wheat varieties subjected to continuous soil drought"

L.M. Aydinli, D.R. Aliyeva, I.M. Huseynova "Differential Biochemical Responses To Drought Stress And Recovery Among Two Contrasting Triticum aestivum L. Genotypes"

F.I. Gasimova, I.V. Azizov "Responses Of Bread (Triticum aestivum L.) And Durum Wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) Genotypes To Salt Stress During The Grain Germination Phase"

Z.C. Suleymanova, B.M. Bannayeva, A.Ch. Mammadov "Salt – Induced Changes In The Composition Of Total Soluble Proteins Of Wheat Seedlings"

D.R.Aliyeva, A.Ch.Mammadov "Effects Of Salt Stress On The Catalase And Ascorbate Peroxidase Activities In Vegetative Organs Of Wheat Genotypes"

U.F. Ibrahimova , A.A. Feyzullayeva, A.Ch. Mammadov "Effects Of Salt Stress On Growth Parameters Of Wheat Varieties Grown In The Soil Culture"

И.М.Гусейнова, С.М. Рустамова, Д.А. Алиев "Использование RAPD-Маркеров Для Оценки Генотипов Пшеницы На Устойчивость К Засухе"

И.М. Гусейнова, Д.Р. Алиева, Д.А. Алиев "Изменение Электрофоретических Спектров Антиоксидантных Ферментов Пшеницы, Подвергнутых Почвенной Засухе"

И.М.Гусейнова, Д.Р.Алиева, Д.А.Алиев "Активность И Субклеточная Локализация Изоформ Супероксиддисмутазы, Накопление Глицина Бетаина И Малондиальдегида У Генотипов Пшеницы При Долговременной Почвенной Засухе"

Irada Huseynova, Gulnara Balakishiyeva, Durna Aliyeva, Ulduza Gurbanova, Jamila Bayramova, Nurmammad Mustafayev and Jalal Aliyev "Changes in the activities of metabolic enzymes and antioxidant defense system in 'Candidatus phytoplasma solani' infected pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) plants"

Irada M. Huseynova, Durna R. Aliyeva, Jalal A. Aliyev "Subcellular localization and responses of superoxide dismutase isoforms in local wheat varieties subjected to continuous soil drought"

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