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A scientific seminar “Multi-OMICS approaches in biology and medicine” was held + Photo Mar 29, 2021 | 17:10 / Seminars

The Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnologies held an online scientific seminar on March 29 as part of the events dedicated to "March 27 - Science Day". Head of the International Proteomics laboratory of the institute, researcher-professor of Pusan National University of the Republic of South Korea, Ph.D. in biology Ismayil Zulfugarov’s lecture “Multi-OMICS approaches in biology and medicine” was listened at the seminar. Along with the employees of IMBB, scientists of the institutes of Botany, Genetic Resources, Biophysics, Soil Science and Agrochemistry, Central Botanical Garden, Zoology, Dendrology, Microbiology, Information technologies, and Institute of Physiology named after A.Garayev participated in the online seminar. The speaker noted that as technology develops, new terms such as phenomics, lipidomics, catalomics, connectomics appear. In order to gain more knowledge about biological systems, it is necessary to apply omics technologies. He said genomics consists of technologies that study the body's genome, including genes, exons, introns, promoters, transcription factors, and many genome-related functions. He spoke about metabolomics as a technology that studies secondary metabolites, as well as the application of multi-OMICS technologies in the study of various diseases, the tools used in these studies, and the prospects for the development of new technologies through multi-OMICS. I.Zulfugarov's speech caused great interest of the seminar participants. There was a wide exchange of views on the topic. Then the speaker answered the questions.