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Employees of IMBB carried out Phytopathological monitoring + Photo Sep 20, 2022 | 16:00 / Scientific mission

Junior researchers of the Bioadaptation laboratory of IMBB, Ministry of Science and Education, Nargiz Bayramova and Aysel Madadli were on a scientific trip to Salyan, Jalilabad, and Masalli districts. Phytopathological monitoring was performed in various private farms, backyards and gardens in Salyan on September 12-13, Jalilabad on September 14-15, and Masalli on September 16-17 in order to carry out a timely and correct diagnosis of viral and phytoplasma diseases spread in plants. During the monitoring, characteristic symptoms of virus and phytoplasma diseases were determined in grape, tomato, and pepper, and initial visual diagnosis of the diseases and phytopathological assessment of the observed areas were carried out. The collected samples were brought to the Bioadaptation Laboratory of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnologies for molecular research.