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Joint statement by the Academies of Sciences and Medicine: the critical need for international cooperation during the covid-19 pandemic Apr 11, 2020 | 15:11 / Interesting information

As the new coronavirus spreads around the world and the number of cases of disease and death continues to increase, not a single country or society remains untouched by this rapidly evolving threat. Serious and urgent actions are being taken at all levels of our society to limit the spread of COVID-19, identify new infections, take care of patients and prevent death, reduce social risks, economic shocks and provide the society with everything necessary. The impending uncertainty remains and much remains to be done. At this critical moment, we, the academies of sciences and world medicine of the G-Science groups, including the academies of the G7 countries, are actively participating in the activities of our countries. But we consider it necessary to emphasize together the urgent NEED of INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION in the following areas: